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In order for you to see that you are in the right place and you have found what you were looking for, we invite you to read more information about our services.


Why choosing preventive and corrective maintenance?

- Maintenance is very important, even vital for a technical system in use.
- Maintenance is a necessity for any company that has a technical operation.
- The role of maintenance is to keep in very good technical system in operation in order to make its lifetime to be durable.
- The works are made ​​through regular visits in goal. Thus, the major advantage of preventive maintenance is that it involves very little cost in relation to corrective maintenance

Why us?

Because we offer:
- Real low costs without sacrificing quality level
- Efficiency, flexibility and quality in service delivery.
- Time saving - we provide excellent results with a small number of technical staff and of course the price drops so technical maintenance
-One contact, one provider for multiple services
- Warranty work performed

Where do we provide our services?
Are marked in red counties in which we provide our services;
*Depending on the services wanted, we can go in counties marked out;

How can you contact us?

Because we value your time, we offer you the fastest methods of contacting us.

By phone at the following numbers:

Vodafone: +40 737 506 710
Orange   : +40 756 625 773

At our E-mail address:

Which are the prices?

The prices are influenced by:

  • - The complexity of the service
  • - The peridiocity of the service
    - The emergency of the service
  • - How far the location is
  • - The number of the involved persons

It is important to remember that for subscription-type contracts, the prices are negotiable.
Before we establish a meeting to discuss everything in detail, please send us some general information regarding the service you wish to require.

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