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Acest serviciu nu poate fi contractat singular. Serviciul de Paza si Protectie este prestat numai impreuna cu cel putin alte doua tipuri de servicii ( exemplu: curatenie si mentenanta tehnica), ca parte a unui abonament lunar

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Which are the reasons for which to resort to a security company ?

According to law 333/2003

  • -Art.2.(1) Ministries and other specialized bodies of the central and local public administration, autonomous state-owned companies, national companies, national research and development institutes, private companies, whatever the nature of their joint stock, and other organizations that hold goods or valuables of any type, called units in the present act, are obliged to secure them.
  • -Art. 2.(2) Individuals can ensure their own protection by employing specialized watch and protection companies, under the conditions of the present act.
  • Art. 3.(1) According to the significance, character and value of the goods they possess, the managers of the units stipulated in Art. 2, paragraph (1), with specialized support from the police for the civil security systems or from the gendarmerie for the military systems, establish concrete methodology for organizing and performing watch, with units of gendarmes, guard with public guards, personal watch or security ensured by specialized companies, according to the case.
  • Art.4 The heads of the units stipulated in Art. 2, paragraph (1), have the responsibility to ensure the security of goods and valuables of any sort.
  • Art. 60 Infractions of the present law are considered the following:
    a) disregarding the measures of organizing and operating the watch (…).
    (Law 333/ 8th of July 2003 regarding the security of objectives, goods, valuables and the protection of individuals)
    The contraventions stipulated in article 60 lit. a) are punished with fine from 2.000 lei up to 5.000 lei (Law 9/ 9th of January 2007 for modifying Law 333/ 8th of July 2003 regarding the security of objectives, goods, valuables and the protection of individuals)
  • Security companies motivate you because:

  • - Their agents never sleep. They watch and act!
  • - They are always in step with technology, equipments and the necessary authorizations.
  • - They’ve got qualified personnel for any type of activity in this field.
  • Why us?

    US – because:

  • - We put at your disposal integrated security solutions for all fields.
  • - We help you make an investment, not only buy some services.
  • - We anticipate and understand your expectations and the promises we make become facts.
  • - You receive insurance for the provided services, because indemnity is offered for any burglary or theft committed through during the contract period, having completed a professional risk policy in this regard.
  • - We offer you security-protection activities, intervention monitoring and installation of systems certified according to the integrated management system, Quality – Environment – Health and Occupational Security.
  • - Your safety is our # 1 priority!

  • Where do we provide our services?

    harta brandjo
    Sunt marcate cu rosu judetele in care prestam serviciile;
    *In functie de serviciile dorite, ne putem deplasa si in afara judetelor marcate;

    How can you contact us?

    Because we value your time, we offer you the fastest methods of contacting us, namely:

    By phone at the following numbers:
    Vodafone: +40 737 506 710
    Orange   : +40 756 625 773

    At our E-mail address:

    Which are the prices?

    The prices are influenced by:

    • - The complexity of the service
    • - The peridiocity of the service
      - The emergency of the service
    • - How far the location is
    • - The number of the involved persons

    It is important to remember that for subscription-type contracts, the prices are negotiable.
    Before we establish a meeting to discuss everything in detail, please send us some general information regarding the service you wish to require.




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