Escort of delegations


despre companie-poza

Because this type of service is designed for people with special functions or people who are used to preferential treatment (Romanian or foreign delegates, different invitees or special guests), it is strictly necessary that the personnel who works in this branch of services should fulfill special requests, adapted to the possible demands of this category of clients.

The company’s offer includes:

- specialized and approved personnel for defending the person’s integrity, correspondingly equipped
- mobile escorting crew
- rapid intervention team
- monitoring during the action, using professional technology
- assuring the necessary logistics in case of travelling
- neutralize hostile elements
- permanent connection to the company’s General Dispatcher
- VIP treatment for the entire group which forms the delegation

According to art.42-46 of Law 333/2003, the bodyguard is equipped with:

- uniform, appropriate for the season, printed with the company logo;
- protection equipment;
- identification badge (the agent’s first name, last name and logo);
- baton or tonfa;
- lachrymal spray of small capacity;
- means of communication, mobile phone, radio station (depending on the mission);
- optional security and defense lethal weapons/ rubber-bullet lethal weapons (only by client’s request and according to law).