Escort and VIP Protection


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The service is addressed to any person who is exposed to high risks (they are in the center of public attention, they are subjects to high notoriety, they fulfill responsibilities/ special missions etc.) and needs absolute protection, such as:

- Romanian or foreign personalities;
Romanian or foreign businessmen;
- Company presidents etc
- Showbiz stars
- Public figures from politics, mass media etc
- Children’s bodyguard

This category of services offers:

- Meeting, escorting and protecting people
- Organization and management of secret meetings
- Verification and tracking of intercepting communications
- Development of the customer’s security plans
- Provide necessary logistics: all means of transportation and specialized personnel for such missions, reservations, routes in detail.

Through the specialized service of person protection – bodyguarding – we understand according to art. 20 (5) of Law 333/2003:
a) protecting the life and physical integrity of the person under protection;
b) protecting the person under protection against harassment, punishable by law;
c) protecting the person under protection during transport;
d) giving competent authorities information regarding incidents during the activity of protection.

According to Art.42-46 of Law 333/2003, the bodyguard is equipped with:

- uniform, appropriate for the season, printed with the company logo;
- protection equipment;
- identification badge (the agent’s first name, last name and logo);
- baton or tonfa;
- lachrymal spray of small capacity;
means of communication, mobile phone, radio station (depending on the mission); ;
- optional security and defense lethal weapons/ rubber-bullet lethal weapons (only by client’s request and according to law).