Specialized Consulting


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Security consulting is defined according to art. 20 (6) of Law 333/2003:
a) assistance on security activities, specialized protection of the person, guarding the transport of goods and values;
b) preparation of tests, assessments and reports on the risks to personal security, property or the environment.

It is often necessary that, before buying security services, you should evaluate the risks and make an inventory. These are security consulting services and include activities such as risk analysis and planning (the basic plan).

Through the basic plan we usually establish:

- the characteristics of the guarded objective, in the area
- the number of pickets and their location
- the necessary personnel for the guard
- arrangements, facilities and technical means or protection and alarm
- the instruction of pickets
- connection and cooperation with other organs which have security attributes of guarding objectives, goods, valuables and persons
- the way of acting in different situations
- the access rules, according to the unit’s administrator’s demands
- specific documents for the security service (basic plan, documents, licensing procedures, access procedures inside the property/ security areas, to documents etc.)

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