Guard and Protection of Objectives


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The protection of objectives, no matter if they are civil objectives, commercial spaces, offices or industrial objectives, represents an important responsibility.

The guard of objectives regards two primary types of systems:

- The local system of alarm and detection, which makes sure that the levels of some technical parameters would fit in the set limits and would automatically set off an alarm system, in case these limits are not fulfilled.

- The human security system which contains a qualified element of auditory and visual identification of an event with negative consequences and has the competence to act specifically, consciously, depending on the development of that specific event.

The configuration of the security system inside an objective will be established by both sides later on.


    - security services in fixed places
    - reception services
    - access control services for clients and personnel during or outside the working program
    - patrol services
    - closed circuit television surveillance services
    - integrated security system which implies installing burglar technique VIP special services


  • - cooperation with competent authorized organs
  • - the safety of the objective
  • - labor protection
  • - control for intervention agents
  • - control for the operative management of our society
  • - at your request, our agents can be both female and male, the desired program option
  • - constant communication and report


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