Property Management

Property services are those that coordinate and oversee the safe conduct of operations and maintenance of client assets in an efficient manner in terms of costs, in order to maintain long-term value and location.

The four divisions of services are embodied in these activities of the company:

Management services and coordinates the activities of the operating property and appropriate actions related to the use of space.
Property maintenance management consists mainly of:
- coordination of maintenance, cleaning, guarding, security and other services;
- management of subcontractors and suppliers: evaluation and selection based on performance, competitive rates, control.
Preparation and submission for approval of the plan and property management firm in which it operates
Monitoring of services provided by subcontractors
Checking and submitting for approval by clients, request additional bids for the contract, which came from their
Develop and deliver monthly reports
Cost control and service quality
Control contracts with subcontractors, tracking invoices and collecting them;
Data collection and production of financial reports according to clients' demands
24 / 7 Support